What is Holistic Birth Control? | Home

Are you thinking about family planning? If you are a woman, then it is natural at some point to worry about whether or not you want children or if you would prefer to remain childless, but until you make up your mind affirmatively, you will want to educate yourself about birth control methods.  On one hand, you have the conventional birth control methods which involve the use of potentially harmful hormones and then you have holistic birth control methods, for ladies who wish to do things the natural way.

What are common natural birth control methods?

The birth control method you choose must fit in with your lifestyle and for some women, hormonal contraceptives are the ideal choice, but for those seeking something natural, holistic methods can offer just what you require.  One method commonly used and recommended by Planned Parenthood is called Fertility-Awareness Based Methods of FAM’s.  The benefits of using FAM’s methods for natural birth control are being able to chart your fertility days and it is safe and convenient.

Will holistic birth control methods be effective for you?

Do you worry about becoming pregnant if you use natural birth control methods?  To prevent pregnancy the natural way, some women prefer to practice abstinence during days of ovulation, others use either condoms, a cervical cap, sponge, withdrawal method or diaphragm to prevent pregnancy.  To be the most effective, the holistic pregnancy prevention methods you use must be consistent during ovulation and you must chart your cycle and learn about the different changes in cervical mucus consistency to determine when you are fertile.

How can a woman tell if she is ovulating?

DO you know how to tell if you are ovulating?  Your fertile days in any given month will depend on the life span of the egg you release and the sperm of your partner.  Normally, an egg will live for about 24-hours after you ovulate, but if you are not aware of the signs, you may miss the window and become pregnant from having unprotected sex.  Generally, your fertile period will be between 7-10 days after your menstrual cycle and if you chart your temperature monthly, you will notice a spike and the consistency of your cervical mucus will change, and this means your body is ovulating.  It is important to use holistic birth control methodswhen you know you are ovulating and fertile, otherwise you run the risk of becoming pregnant.

Do natural birth control methods really work?

As with any type of birth control, whether hormonal or natural, no method is 100% effective all of the time except abstinence.  However, if you become aware of your most fertile days and practice natural or holistic birth control methods faithfully, you can find methods which are just as effective at preventing pregnancy as hormonal ones.  By exploring the different options available to you in terms of non-hormonal birth control methods, you can find one which works for you, suits your lifestyle and will protect you from conceiving a baby before you are ready.